How to add a member to Blue Cross health insurance

Blue Cross is one of the leading health insurance companies in the United States. Most companies offer health insurance as a benefit to their employees. This benefit can also be extended to family members of employees. If you are a member of Blue Cross, you can add a family member to your health insurance policy. Adding them to your policy will allow them to benefit from the services offered by Blue Cross.

How to Add a Member to Blue Cross Health Insurance
How to Add a Member to Blue Cross Health Insurance

Step 1

Determine the date the enrollment window will arrive. Some programs only allow you to change your options during specific enrollment periods, so make sure you know when the specific admission date is. Your company will have information on the date of admission, or you can also check with your local Blue Cross branch.

Step 2

Receive sign-up forms to add members to your account. These forms will help inform Blue Cross about the medical conditions and conditions of the family members you want to add. You may also have to change your policy according to the needs of your family members. Once you have submitted the information, wait for any correspondence related to the progress of your request.

Step 3

Ask prospective members to perform medical tests as required by Blue Cross. These tests may include a physical examination, as well as blood and urine tests. When buying insurance, it is important to determine a person’s ability to insure in order to assess their risks with the insurance company and calculate the level of health insurance they need.

Step 4

Pay an additional premium. Depending on the level of your coverage in the Blue Cross system, you may need to pay extra for additional membership in your account. Additional premiums are determined by the type of plan you and your members have as well as their health status.

Step 5

Renew your membership card to reflect the names of all members of your account. Each member will have a different number of members even though they are on your health insurance. You should ask Blue Cross for information about your status and account summary, and save them in your profile.

What you need

Information about admission periods
Forms of membership
Medical examination
Additional premiums
Renew your membership card

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