How to change the end date on an American Express credit card

No one wants to miss out on their credit card payment on time, but sometimes the default due date is not convenient for the account holder’s lifestyle. However, these days can be changed to make things easier and American Express (Amex) payment dates can be moved to a day that better serves you. Amex’s billing cycle is every 25 days, and there may also be that adjustment.

How to Change the Closing Date on an American Express Credit Card
How to Change the Closing Date on an American Express Credit Card

American Express Statement Day

The Amex Help Center posted that cardholders can change the due date and the end date of the statement. To do this, you need to log in to your online account or call their customer service at 1-800-528-4800. Those with Platinum, Green, or Gold cards are instructed to log in and use the customer service chat feature. You can also set up payment reminders; To learn how to do it, visit the Amex Account Services page.

Credit card accounts have 12 monthly statements per year. Each billing cycle ends on the end of the statement, which is originally determined by the card issuer. Most billing cycles are about a month-long but can be shorter. That end date separates the account’s current payment term from the next. After this date, Amex will send a credit card statement indicating the due date and amount of Amex.

After that closing date, Amex provides a 21-day extension period until the payment is due; Other cards can be allowed for 25 days. This means that they will not charge any interest on the amount due if it is paid in full until that period is over. The cardholder will then be charged interest on any unpaid amount plus late payment fees. Interest rates can also rise for those who are constantly late in payment. This is how most credit cards work.

Amex Card and Interest Charges Features

American Express offers a variety of credit cards, with different features and benefits. People prefer Amex cards because they offer extended warranties, return protection, and purchase protection for products. Travelers also appreciate Amex’s roadside support, global support hotline, baggage insurance, and car rental damage and damage insurance.

They also offer flight delays, cancellations, and travel accident insurance. The Amex Member Rewards Program earns points for card members through Amex’s incentives and purchases; these points can be used for statement credits, travel, shopping, and more.

More information about Rewards and Fees

The American Express Yellow Card offers a Membership Reward that can be used at restaurants, supermarkets and airfares. The annual fee is $250 and the APR interest rate varies from 15.99 to 22.99 percent. Amex also offers the Amex Blue Cash Priority Card, which offers refunds for certain purchases, and an annual fee of $95. There is no interest charge for the first year; after that, APR ranged from 13.99 to 23.99 percent. Late payments and returns for both of these cards cost $40.

Some of their other cards have higher annual fees, but others that don’t have cards still offer rewards. Amex also has connections with airlines and hotels around the world that will bring many rewards to loyal customers. And by the way, the point never expires unless you stop paying on time.

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