How to Check the Authenticity of Rolex Watches

Rolex is constantly working to develop new techniques and characteristics that differentiate their watches and make fraudulent copies more vulnerable to detection. While it is clear that a street vendor with a jacket full of lemons will not be able to give you a Certificate of Authenticity, some of the more cunning scammers in the world are always creating new ways to imitate Rolex watches. Read on to find out how you can check the authenticity of rolex watches.

How to Check the Authenticity of a Rolex Watch
How to Check the Authenticity of a Rolex Watch

Step 1

Search for laser-engraved coronet in sapphire crystals. Located near the 6h position, this line is difficult to see with the naked eye. If the original crystal had been replaced, there would have been an engraved “S” next to the coronet. This security feature is added gradually, and therefore, previous (pre-2004) templates may not have this mark. Fake watches may have a coronet brand; however, the sign can be seen without the help of a magnifying glass. The presence of the coronet mark alone, does not guarantee authenticity.

Step 2

Look for the green holographic sticker on your brand new Rolex watches. This specially designed sticker contains the word ROLEX, Rolex Coronet and the reference number printed in black, just below the coronet. When worn, the reference number will wear out very quickly. Some prefer to remove the hologram sticker and keep it with the original packaging to verify the authenticity later.

Step 3

Look at the watch case again. No current model exists to have a transparent case back. Only some models were very rare in 1930, and the Cellini Prince model was produced with a transparent back.

Step 4

Note that Rolex watches usually do not have any engravings on the outside of the case. The only exceptions are a certain woman’s Rolex watch, the Sea-Dweller, which contains the word “Rolex’s Original Exhaust Valve” and two Rolex logos, as well as some early TUDOR models, some of which contain the word “Original Oyster Case” of Rolex”.

Step 5

There is no doubt that the watch coating is a real Rolex sapphire crystal. Counterfeit watches will usually use ordinary glass.

Step 6

Observe the case reference numbers. The reference numbers are engraved with great precision and are very smooth on an authentic Rolex watch. A fake watch will have a case reference number that is approximately engraved into the watch case.

Step 7

Consult with an authorized Rolex dealer to confirm the authenticity of Rolex watches. This is the only correct way to confirm that your Rolex is real.


Purchasing Rolex watches from an authorized Rolex dealer is the only way to ensure authenticity.


An overpriced price tag does not indicate authenticity. Many counterfeits are of such high quality that the only way to tell the difference is to compare side-by-side with a real Rolex.

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