How to Find a Primary Physician for AHCCCS

The Arizona Health Care Cost Control System (AHCCCS), pronounced ‘access,’ is health care coverage provided by the State of Arizona and contracted through various health care providers. Eligibility for coverage can be a function of age, income or status.

How to Find a Primary Physician for AHCCCS
How to Find a Primary Physician for AHCCCS

Step 1

Go to the AHCCCS website (see Resources).

Step 2

Click “Available Health Plans” in the left pane.

Step 3

Click “Health Plan List.” The pop-up will provide how to search for your health plan by zip code or county of residence. You can also click on “List of Statewide Health Plans” for a list of all health plans in the state.

Step 4

Click on the website for the health care plan for which you have enrolled, or call the membership number listed next to the website address. For example, click on the Phoenix Health Plan website address or call (800)747-7997 and request assistance finding a primary physician.

Step 5

Find the Provider List or link titled “Find a Doctor.” This is a PDF for the Phoenix Health Care Program. You can also find the primary doctor by name, gender, area code or city.

Step 6

Call your provider and explain that you are looking for a primary physician and that your health care provider has taken his name off the list. She will let you know if she can provide that service or give you the information of a possible provider.

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