How to use PayPal at Wal-Mart

If you have a PayPal account, you’ll have access to features that make it easier for you to shop at PayPal-accepting stores and add less cash from your account balance. While you can leverage your PayPal account to easily shop online at Walmart without taking any extra action, you’ll need to take one more step to get a cash card PayPal to make actual purchases. You can also withdraw and deposit money into your PayPal account through a number of other options at Walmart.

How to Use PayPal at Wal-Mart
How to Use PayPal at Wal-Mart

Use PayPal at Walmart Online

If you want to shop directly at Walmart with PayPal and don’t need to worry about withdrawing money in advance or asking for a cash card from PayPal, then you can buy items through the Walmart mobile app and is one of many stores that accept PayPal as a payment method along with options such as Walmart gift cards, credit cards, and Financial Confirmation. However, keep in mind that this payment option won’t allow you to use PayPal with a different payment method in the same transaction.

Whether you use a website or app, you can shop as usual and add all the items to your shopping cart to make a transaction. Once you’re done, go to your Walmart shopping cart and select the “Pay” option. You can sign in or pay as a guest and you’ll choose the delivery and import method or confirm the contact details first

when selecting the payment method.

You’ll find the PayPal payment option if you find the “+ Add” payment option and then select the PayPal icon. You’ll log into your PayPal account, confirm the payment method you’ll use, and then go back to Walmart’s app or website to complete the transaction.

Get a PayPal card

For the most flexibility when using your PayPal balance to make purchases at local Walmart stores, and through the online platform, you can request a Cash Card PayPal used as a debit card with the Mastercard logo. First, you need to make sure to meet the criteria for receiving this card, such as the need to have a PayPal account in good condition and confirmed personal details such as your Social Security number, phone number, address, and date of birth. You can then go to the card’s website, find the card request button, and then log in to PayPal to complete the registration process.

After receiving a Cash Card from PayPal, you can use it at Walmart like any other debit or credit card. For example, you can swipe your card at an automated checkout station or an employee payment lane, and you can enter card details on the Walmart website and app. You can also tell the cashier that you want to top up your PayPal Cash card for a $3 fee. Furthermore, you may simply go to an ATM in a Walmart store to withdraw money, although you’ll need to keep an ATM fee in mind if you do so.

When using your PayPal Cash Card, keep in mind that the only amounts you can access are those that are in your PayPal cash balance. So you don’t have any redundancy payment options to use a bank account or card like when shopping with PayPal at Walmart online. Therefore, you should closely monitor your PayPal cash balance to avoid being denied fees.

Discover Walmart’s other PayPal options

Since 2018, PayPal and Walmart have partnered to allow customers to make PayPal transactions at Walmart’s Customer Service desk or Money Services desk. For a $3 fee, you can just withdraw cash from your PayPal account (up to $500 daily, $3,500 monthly) or deposit (between $20 and $500). To take advantage of this additional Walmart PayPal option, you need to download the PayPal app on your phone and sign in.

Once you arrive at the front desk, you can go to the “Add” section of the PayPal app and find options for both “More Cash” and “Get Cash.” If you add cash, simply select Walmart from the seller list and then get the code created so you can show it to employees when you hand over the money to them. If you’re withdrawing money, you’ll have to choose an amount and then you’ll see the code that you can show to Walmart employees.

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