Illinois State Scholar Scholarship

Being named an Illinois State Scholar is an important honor for any student living in the Prairie State. But what is an Illinois State Scholar? Does it come with any other scholarships or monetary rewards? The Illinois State Scholar Award is not a scholarship program, but it can open many doors for recipients. There are many aspects of the Illinois State Scholars program, including the requirements to win the award, how to apply, and information about the scholarship.

Illinois State Scholar Scholarships
Illinois State Scholar Scholarships

What is an Illinois State Scholar?

The Illinois Student Aid Commission, also known as ISAC, explained that it selects Illinois State Scholars. Is the Illinois Student Aid Commission legal? It’s legit, and it’s an honor to be named one of its scholars.

Illinois State Scholarships are selected from more than 200 high schools across the state. The committee selects students who they think will be highly successful during their college studies and beyond. It also considers academic achievement, specifically the GPA and non-core rankings of the class after the sixth semester of high school (second semester of middle school).
Illinois State Scholars receive certificates of achievement and letters of congratulations. ISAC also makes public the names of the annual award recipients, and the laureates are often featured in state and local news stories. To become an Illinois State Scholar, you need to meet strict requirements.

Illinois State Scholars Requirements

You do not need to register to be considered an Illinois State Scholar. All students enrolled in high schools across the state will automatically be admitted as potential scholars. ISAC automatically receives test scores from the SAT and ACT for state students, and since test scores are numbers, it’s an easy way to set up a pool of finalists for the award. After that, the committee will collect more information about students with high test scores. Grades are taken from test results in the fourth and fifth semesters.

The selection of Illinois State Scholars is largely based on numbers, and very little subjective information is considered. That means extracurricular activities and athletic achievement are not the deciding factor. After selection is made based on test scores, ISAC collects GPA and class rank from high schools. The GPA is unweighted and the rank of the class is measured based on the class size. There is no limit to the number of students who can be named Illinois State Scholars because there are no monetary gifts attached to the designation. That means all eligible students will receive the award regardless of whether they know that it exists or not.

Illinois State Scholar Scholarship

According to the Illinois Student Aid Commission, no scholarship awards have been tied to the Illinois State Scholar designation. However, it is a significant achievement and will support any scholarship application you submit. The state of Illinois specifically recognizes this designation in the state, which means it increases the likelihood of you being selected for an Illinois State University scholarship.

The state of Illinois itself awards several scholarships to students to help residents cover the cost of college. You will want to work closely with your high school guidance counselor to find all the scholarships for which you are eligible. After you choose a university, work with that school’s financial aid office to maximize grants and pay for your studies. If you are interested in becoming an Illinois State Scholar, you will need to start working hard early in your high school career. It opens many doors, which means that eventually your hard work will pay off.

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