Industrial cyber attacks are attacking nearly all IoT companies

The report found that IIoT security often occupies the following position. Cyber attacks targeting industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices, as well as operational technologies (OT), are taking place so commonly that virtually no company can be immune, a new report from Barracuda Networks has stated.

Industrial cyberattacks are hitting nearly all IoT companies
Industrial cyberattacks are hitting nearly all IoT companies

Polling 800 senior IT executives, senior IT security managers, and project managers responsible for IoT and OT in their organization, the company said 94% of organizations confirmed they had experienced security issues in the past 12 months.

These violations are not cheap either. Nearly nine in ten (87%) said the impact lasted more than a day.

Understand the importance of security.

Tim Jefferson, SVP, Of Data Engineering, Networking and Application Security, at Barracuda, argues that one of the main reasons why IIoT and OT endpoints have become interesting targets for criminals is that the security of these devices often prevails.

“In the current threat context, critical infrastructure is an attractive target for cybercriminals, but unfortunately, IIoT/OT security projects often back down from other security initiatives or fail due to cost or complexity,” he said. “Problems such as the lack of network segmentation and the number of organizations that do not require multi-factor authentication make networks vulnerable and need immediate attention.”

But businesses understand the importance of industrial IoT and OT security, as 96% of respondents said they need to increase investments. Furthermore, 72% said they had moved on to additional IIoT/OT security projects. Nevertheless, because they are facing “significant challenges” in terms of deployment.

Barracuda also found that the effort would definitely be worth it, since of those who have completed IIoT and OT security projects, 75% have absolutely no impact from a major incident.

Klaus Gheri, VP of Cybersecurity, Barracuda said: “IIoT attacks go beyond the digital realm and can have real-world implications,” said Klaus Gheri, VP of Cybersecurity, Barracuda. As attacks continue to increase in industries, adopting a proactive security approach when it comes to industrial security is critical for businesses to avoid becoming the next victim of an attack.”

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