Mobile SSDs aren’t cheap, but I’ve never paid the full price for them

Why pay more when there is an official date. I’ll tell you a little secret: I’ve never paid the full price for a mobile SSD. And, if there is one piece of advice that I can give you about computer peripherals, then you shouldn’t either – not when there’s a way to get them at a lower cost.

Portable SSD are not cheap, but I've never paid full price for them
Portable SSD are not cheap, but I’ve never paid full price for them

Look, I’m not cheap. I’ll be happy to pay enough for what I need. I paid the full price for the 24-inch iMac all in one of the holidays because I thought there were a lot of Apple offers around because the color I wanted (green) wasn’t discounted.

Hell, sometimes, I pay the full price for things I don’t need. Typical is the Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro that I never really used, all because it is one of my favorite keyboards and Roccat has released the white version. I spent $160 on a keyboard that I had so I also had it white.

However, when it comes to expanding my memory, splitting my money will be a little harder. I just don’t want to pay the full price for something that gets a discount whenever there’s a discount event.

By the way, that’s every time there’s a discount event. Big or small, on Prime Day, Black Friday, July 4th, Father’s Day, it doesn’t matter. Mobile SSDs lower the price as if there is a signal. I’m not just talking about dubious services from lesser-known brands. Many of the top-ranked and most popular models also sell at savings of up to 60%.

Why are external SSDs so expensive? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for the past decade, and it’s a question we’re still asking. Even if cloud storage is more accessible and available, SSDs still cost quite a bit.

And, to be honest, I don’t understand why one thing so important to our computer experience – memory – is still so expensive. That’s right, SSDs are faster, more powerful, and more efficient than older and bulkier hard drives. And, yes, you’re also paying a premium for convenience here because you also get the privilege of that portability.

But, it’s also been 30 years since they were introduced. Should they be cheaper now?

The small consolation prize is that these mobile SSD transactions will save us some money until that day comes. Even if you haven’t seen anything worth putting in your cart on This Official Day, at least consider one of the options above.

Take it away from me; You can always use a little more storage.

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