RIMS appoints Gary LaBranche as new CEO

RIMS, the Risk® Management Association, has announced that Gary LaBranche will take over as CEO, starting June 1, 2022.

LaBranche is currently the president and CEO of Virginia-based NIRI: The Investor Relations Association, whose members represent 1,600 publicly traded companies with a total market capitalization of $9 trillion. Prior to that, he served as CEO of the Corporate Growth Association, the Chicagoland Association Forum and two other organizations.

RIMS appoints Gary LaBranche as new CEO
RIMS appoints Gary LaBranche as new CEO

He is also a senior executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce and the American Association of Directors (ASAE), where he is responsible for identifying, developing, and sharing the best practices, models, and innovations in association management. He also hosted the 6,000-strong annual meeting of ASAE.

LaBranche said he looks forward to working with RIMS leaders and society’s “strong and engaged community” to continue the legacy of promoting risk management in the best practices worldwide.

“Risk management makes the world safer, more secure and more sustainable,” he said. I am honored to be asked to help advance that important work and pave the way for the continued success of this dynamic professional community.”

LaBranche will succeed longtime RIMS CEO Mary Roth, who announced her retirement at the end of 2021 after 37 years of serving RIMS. She said LaBranche “will bring tremendous value” to the association and its members.

Roth said: “My RIMS journey has been remarkable. “Starting from the research and education department of society and promoting to its CEO, I am very proud of the progress we have made, the barriers we have broken down and all the important milestones we have achieved. I am forever grateful to all of RIMS’ exceptional staff, volunteers and risk leaders who have contributed to our success.

“Most importantly, throughout my RIMS career, I’ve had some great friendships that I know will last a long time after retirement. I would like to congratulate our executive search team for their outstanding work. ”

New CEO LaBranche has won numerous awards for his work with various associations. In 2007, he was named the winner of asae’s Key Award, the highest award in the association management profession. He was also named Executive Director of the National Association in 2012. The Association Forum honored him as the recipient of the 2019 Samuel B. Shapiro Award for Ceo Achievement.

He is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 100 Association Committee and president of the Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Organizational Management. He was named an ASAE Member (FASAE) in 1995.

RIMS board chairman Patrick Sterling commented: “Recent events have raised risk management expectations, and as we approach this executive search, we are determined to identify a leader with the skills and experience to help RIMS meet the growing needs of risk professionals.

“Gary LaBranche brings a world of knowledge and a proven track record as an association management leader. Throughout his career, he has shown a steadfast commitment to elevating his employees, creating opportunities for them to grow and thereby achieving impressive results for his previous associations. We look forward to learning from him and are proud to welcome him into the global risk management community. ”

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