What is the income allowed in people with disabilities?

If you filed and won a Social Security disability insurance claim, you are receiving a monthly super from the Social Security Administration. The agency has approved your request and adjudicating that your disability prevents you from doing previously relevant work or other work within your limits, on a full-time basis. However, you have the right to earn income when you are disabled.

Test work time
During your time with a disability, Social Security rules stipulate trial work time, during which time you can work and earn unlimited income. The probation period is limited to nine months; each month that you earn $720 or more is counted at intervals. During the probationary period, you are still entitled to full disability benefits.

Significant useful activity
Once you’ve passed the trial period, your income is limited to what’s known as a significant amount of beneficial operating. In 2011, this amount was $1,000 per month, before taxes. If you earn more than the significant amount of activity that benefits after completing the trial period, your disability benefits will be suspended.

Five-year limit
The nine-month probationary period is not necessarily continuous. They are counted for a maximum period of five years. If you work and earn more than $700 per month for nine months over a five-year period, then you’ve completed your probation period.

If your benefits are suspended, but then you find that you can’t continue working because of your disability, you can be restored benefits simply by asking the Social Security Administration to do so. This rapid recovery can take place within up to five years after your benefits cease. If more than five years have passed, you must apply for a new disability.

Whenever you return to work, you must report the incident to the Social Security Department. You must notify them of your employer’s name, address, and phone number, the nature of your job, and how much money you are making. You must also report your self-employment to the Social Security Administration. If you don’t report any income from employment, the Social Security Administration may suspend your benefits immediately due to non-compliance with the rules.

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