What you’ll love when you’re on hiking trails

There’s nothing like great outdoors, especially at the end of the pandemic when indoor gatherings can still be a bad proposition. Fortunately, state and national parks are abundant throughout the U.S., waiting for hikers to reach their trails. You may be a hiking professional or you may be contemplating your first natural trip. In any case, there are some essential items you should take with you and some other things that are very interesting to carry.

Gear You'll Love When Hitting the Hiking Trails
Gear You’ll Love When Hitting the Hiking Trails

The equipment you really need.
The Mountaineers, an organization dedicated to hiking and climbing, first came up with a list of 10 essentials for hiking in the 1930s. That list has changed a bit with the technological age, and other groups have also come up with lists and add-ons. But most agree that you wouldn’t want to go out without this device:

Backpacks can hold 25 to 45 pounds
Hiking shoes and clothes suitable for expected weather
Map, compass, or another navigation tool (or all three)
First aid kit
Pocket knives and repair tools
Firestarter, even if it’s just a lighter or matchsticks
Headlights and/or flashlights
Light stove and fuel
Shelter from the elements
Sleeping bag, if you stay overnight
Narrowing down this list depends on whether you plan a day’s hiking or a remote walk into the wilderness. The National Park Foundation recommends taking “everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

Check the weather, especially if you intend to stay overnight. And don’t forget to leave a word with a friend about exactly where you’re headed. You may also want to leave a note in your car before takeoff.

There’s equipment, and then there’s the equipment. You can pass, or you can have an explosion and prepare for any emergency.

All this for a walk?
You may not think you need a lot of these items, but foregoing is essential. You may not want to stay overnight, but what if something prevents you from coming back? The forecast is likely to be sunny for the next six days, but what if a storm suddenly hits?

The idea is to be prepared for any situation, even if you’re just hiking during the day and your backpack feels heavy enough to take for a week. You may not intend to stay overnight, so you may not need a sleeping bag, but a tarpaulin to cover your head or a bivy bag will be much more appreciated if it suddenly opens.

And don’t forget the logical things that need not be talked about: sunscreen, plenty of food that doesn’t necessarily have to be cooked, and water to help hydrate. A water filter can also be helpful if you need to drink from a stream or lake. Whistles can guide emergency personnel to your location or help you locate hikers if you are separated. Headlights give you free hands when climbing landmarks if you suddenly find yourself hiking after dark.

A list of hiking wishes
There’s equipment, and then there’s the equipment. You can pass, or you can have an explosion and prepare for any emergency.

Garmin offers GPS eTrex32X at a reasonable price for these devices, only $ 300. It has 8GB of internal storage, a visible display in sunlight, 25-hour battery life, satellite support, and TopoActive mapping features.

L.L.Bean comes to the rescue if the complexity of the fire really doesn’t appeal to you. The Fire Pit of solo fire is two-wall stainless steel. It can hold up to six logs of wood and contains smoke while pumping out heat. All of these are only contained in 20 pounds.

And let’s face it, you won’t go far without a great pair of hiking shoes. Timberland has insurance for both men and women with a great choice: Waterproof climbing shoes at Maddsen Mid Mountain for men and women. Both are available for less than $100, a good price for this type of footwear.

What are you waiting for? Get ready and get out of there.

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